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Craig Stephenson guitar, arranger, vocals

Craig Stephenson (b.1980) has been a professional guitarist and educator in San Diego since 1998. He began his study of the guitar in 1989 and furthered his studies with master guitarist / composer Mark Bacilla from 1993 to 1999 and continued his music education in college with local jazz artists Art Johnson (renowned protege of jazz legend Barney Kessell) and Bob Boss at San Diego State University where he received his BM (bachelor of music with specialization in Jazz performance) in 2003.

Julia Florida - A. Barrios

from "Spanish Classical Guitar Artistry" DVD/CD (2011)

Choro de Saudade - A. Barrios

from "Spanish Classical Guitar Artisty" DVD/CD (2011)

Granada - I. Albeniz

Solo Spanish Classical (Craig)

Out of college, Craig continued to pursue his craft as a professional performer and educator. The desire to be a versatile guitarist led to the study of Classical Guitar which soon became his preferred style. Since 2003, he has focused intensely on the study and performance of the Spanish Classical guitar repertoire. Following many years of teaching private guitar lessons at the area favorite music store, Muzik Muzik, he founded Neighborhood Guitar Academy. Craig has serviced hundreds of aspiring guitar players and has performed consistently in San Diego County over the last decade. In 2009, Craig was honored to form a brazilian / classical guitar duo with long time mentor Mark Bacilla. Their collaboration is known as the San Diego Guitar Duo. Craig is also blessed to have the opportunity to perform as accompanist to soprano Barbara Tobler. A 2009 performance at esteemed San Diego venue Anthology was the first of a series of wonderfully recieved collaborative efforts between Barbara Tobler and the San Diego Guitar Duo - which led to the formation of their trio, Lyriphon, in 2011. Since 2011, Craig has become increasingly involved in the music department at La Jolla Community Church as the music departments "orchestrator / arranger". In 2013 Craig founded the LJCC Chamber Music Series and has organized recitals for numerous San Diego Symphony members, including Anna Skalova, AJ Nilles, Jory Herman, Mary Barranger, and more. In 2014 Craig became a guitar and music theory teacher at Klassik Arts- a small ensemble classical music performance education facility in Mira Mesa.